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Wuxi Ruitian Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is located nearby beautiful Taihu lake and very close to Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, which is abundant in natural resources and convenient in traffic, is your ideal business partner for investment and cooperation.


We appreciate scientific creation and technological innovation, and mark the science & technology is our prior productivity. By keeping close cooperation with domestic famous institutes to develop our new products, we learn and absorb foreign advanced technology, to meet the requirement of modern enterprise. We sincerely cooperate with all our clients to create brilliance in new century!


A brief introduction to tube chain conveyor:
Tube chain conveyor (TCC) is a kind of continuous conveying system for powder, pellet or other bulk materials, suitable for a wide variety of industries. It’s possible to transport abrasive, toxic, explosive, or adhesive bulk material or even material with high temperature. The tube chain conveyor is available in different designs: horizontal, vertical, diagonal or a combination mode, also in different sizes. It’s the best layout that speed and bulk material can be optimally adjusted to suit bulk material.


The advantage of modular chain conveyor is their flexibility and nearly unlimited application possibilities, such as easy vertical conveyance, multiple inlets and outlets, or the conveyance of bulk material moves in two directions simultaneously. The low chain speed is perfect for ensuring constant equal amount of bulk material.

The conveyor system is absolutely dust-tight with a high self-cleaning capacity and no dead space virtually. Tube chain conveyor features low maintenance, easy operation and high operational reliability. It only occupies small space and saves more expense due to their low energy consumption and low operational cost.



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